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Mediterranean Donair

This recipe calls for:
Gourmet Jalapeno
For a cool salad, prepare all ingredients as below and cut the meat into strips. Then toss all ingredients with sauce to make a salad. Cut pitas into 6 wedges each, toast in oven at 350 degrees for 4 minutes or until crunchy and serve on the side.

500 grams (1lb) Donair meat - 2 inch by 6 inch pieces, shaved thinly
15 milliliters (1 Tbsp) Vegetable oil - Substitute 30 grams (2 Tbsp) butter
250 grams (8oz) Red, orange or yellow bell peppers - Cut in 2 inch strips, 1/4 inch wide
250 grams (8oz) Green peppers - Cut in 2 inch strips, 1/4 inch wide
250 grams (8oz) Purple onion or sweet yellow onion - Cut in 2 inch strips, 1/4 inch wide
125 grams (4oz) Mushrooms, white - Slice 1/4 inch wide
1 only Tomatoes Cut in half and cut slices 1/4 inch wide
125 grams (4oz) Romaine or green leaf lettuce - Shred pieces or julienne cut
125 grams (4oz) Jalapeno Lime Sauce
4 pitas, 12 inch White or whole wheat flour pita - Warmed slightly

In a shallow sauté pan on medium, heat oil or butter, cook vegetables until firm, stirring often so they cook quickly. Remove vegetables and place to the side. Turn sauté pan down to low and immediately place all meat in pan. Arrange pitas, spread sauce evenly on them and layer with lettuce and tomatoes. Place hot meat on pitas, add cooked vegetables, fold and roll pitas and serve. Yield is 4 servings of 1 pita.