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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does the Red Chili Pepper Spread need to be refrigerated both before and after opening?

Yes. The Red Chili Pepper Spread is a Deli item that requires refrigeration at all times.

All of our other products are shelf stable until they have been opened and then they require refrigeration.

Shelf Life / Storage

Q: How should the Red Chili Pepper Spread be stored?

Red Chili Pepper Spread is a refrigerated item that must be stored at refrigerated temperatures both before and after opening.

Q: After opening and proper refrigeration, how long do Something Special products last?

Keeping good food handling practices in mind, after opening it is recommended that all products be refrigerated and consumed within 90 days.

Q: How can I determine what the best before date is?

The best before date is an ink-jet code that is found on the side or on the top of the lid. It is in the format B/B YYYY MMM DD. For example, an ink-jet code that reads B/B 2013 NOV 15 means that the unopened product is best consumed before November 15, 2013.

Q: How can the sealed jar of antipasto be safe at room temperature for so long?

The stability of the antipasto is the result of a number of factors.
• Gourmet Antipasto is boiled which destroys enzymes and bacteria that normally spoil fresh food.
• After all ingredients have been added the pH of the Gourmet Antipasto is below 4.0, which prevents the growth of sporeforming bacteria that are not destroyed at boiling temperatures.
• Gourmet Antipasto is filled into the jars at very high temperatures. As the gourmet antipasto cools a vacuum is formed and the lid seals itself from the outside environment. This prevents any external contamination.

Q: How should the Gourmet Antipasto, Gourmet Red Chili and Gourmet Jalapeno be stored?

Unopened antipasto, Gourmet Red Chili or Gourmet Jalapeno can be stored at room temperature. After they are opened, they must be stored at refrigerated temperatures.

Q: Why must the Gourmet Antipasto, Gourmet Red Chili and Gourmet Jalapeno be refrigerated after opening?

There is yeast, mold, and bacteria in the air. When the product is opened and exposed to the air, it will eventually spoil. Refrigeration will prolong the quality of the product.

Q: How can I tell if the Gourmet Antipasto, Gourmet Red Chili and Gourmet Jalapeno jar is sealed?

The lid should be concave by the vacuum created from hot product being filled into the jars. The 940g/33oz jars use a lid that will pop up when unsealed. For other lids, a popping noise will be heard the first time the lid is open. All jars undergo a seal inspection before being labeled and shipped from our facility to preserve the product quality and consumer safety.


Q: How much cholesterol is in Gourmet Antipasto?

There is 0.90mg of cholesterol per 30g (2tbsp) serving which accounts for 0.30% of the Daily Value (DV). According to Nutritional Labeling guidelines, values less than 2mg (0.66% DV) are considered to be “free of cholesterol” and are to be stated on the label as zero.

Q: Which Gourmet Antipasto ingredient contains cholesterol?

Cholesterol is only found in animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy foods. Only the tuna contributes cholesterol to the Gourmet Antipasto.

Q: Do fruits or vegetables contain cholesterol?

No. However, saturated and unsaturated fats found in specific fruits (examples: olives, avocados) and vegetable oils (examples: canola, corn, safflower, sesame, soybean and sunflower), are used by our bodies to make cholesterol.

For more information regarding cholesterol, please follow this link to the American Heart Associationsweb page.

Q: Is there cholesterol in either the Gourmet Red Chili or the Gourmet Jalapeno?


Fat Content

Q: If canola and olive oil are used to make Gourmet Antipasto, why does the label state 0 g of fat?

Vegetables make up the largest portion of the Gourmet Antipasto. The amount of fat contributed by the lesser ingredients is 0.28 grams per 2 Tablespoon serving (0.43% Daily Value). Labeling guidelines dictate that an amount less than 0.5grams of fat is considered “free of fat” and is to be stated on the label as zero. Note: the insignificant amount of fat that is present is primarily unsaturated (the good fat).


Q: Is there any gluten in the vinegar?

No. The vinegar has been triple distilled to ensure that no gluten is present. Therefore, individuals with Celiac disease are able to enjoy our Gourmet Antipasto, Gourmet Red Chili and Gourmet Jalapeno.

Q: Are there any additives in the Antipasto?


Q: Are there any additives in the Gourmet Red Chili?


Q: Are there any additives in the Gourmet Jalapeno?

A small amount of artificial coloring is added to enrich the green color of the jelly. Tartrazine (FD and C Yellow #5) is one of the artifical colors used.

Nut Free

Q: Are there nuts or any chance of nut cross contamination in any of your products?

No. Our products are completely nut free. There are no nuts used in our manufacturing processes.

All About Peppers

Q: What types of Red Chili Peppers are used to make the Gourmet Red Chili?

We select a special blend of hot red Chili peppers that are grown specifically for Something Special that deliver a unique tongue tingling heat and beautiful rich red color.

Q: What makes a Chili pepper hot?

A chemical called capsaicin in the peppers irritate trigeminal cells throughout the mouth, nose, and throat. These cells send messages of pain to the brain which responds by releasing endorphins throughout the body. Endorphins act as natural pain killers giving a temporary euphoric feeling. Some people can experience increased heart and salivation rate, faster gastrointestinal motions, runny nose, and perspiration.

Q: Some peppers claim that they are the hottest. How is this determined?

The amount of capsaicin present in the Chili peppers determines its heat. The system for measuring the heat of a Chili pepper was developed by a chemist named William Scoville in 1912. Originally the testing was based on a form of dillution tasting. Today machines called chromatograms (like in CSI) are used to measure the amount of capsaicin present in the pepper.

Scoville Chile Heat Chart
Pepper Variety
Heat Level
Bell, Sweet Banana, Pimento
Mexi-Bells, Pepperoncini
100-1000 Scoville Units
Ancho, Pasilla, Poblano
1000-1500 Scoville Units
Sandia , Cascabel, Rocotillo
1500-2500 Scoville Units
Jalapeno, Chipotle
2500-5000 Scoville Units
Yellow wax
5000-15000 Scoville Units
Chile de arbol, Serano
15000-30000 Scoville Units
Aji, Cayenne, Tabasco
30,000-50,000 Scoville Units
Santaka, Chiltecpin (tepin), Thai
50,000-100,000 Scoville Units
Habanero, Scotch Bonnet
100,000-350,000 Scoville Units
Red Savina Habanero
350,000-855,000 Scoville Units
Naga Jolokia
(Naga Morich, Bhut Jolokia)
1,000,000 – 1,500,000 Scoville Units
Pure Capsaicin
(origin – Chemistry Lab)
  16 Million

Fun Fact:In the big picture, the objective for all living things is to spread their seed! Capsaicin discourages animals from eating the Chilees. But birds, which are highly effective at distributing seeds, can eat them. Birds will not experience the burning sensation the way we mammals do. The seeds will pass through the bird's gut intact and spread to new areas. And voila, more peppers!!

Q: What is the difference between a red pepper and a green pepper?

Jalapeno chili peppers are harvested when the pepper is still in the green stage. If left on the plant, the peppers would ripen until they turned bright red. It's this early harvesting that allows for the milder green chili pepper.

Gluten Free

Q: Is there gluten in your products?

No. Our products are gluten free. The vinegar has been triple distilled to ensure that no gluten is present. Therefore, individuals with Celiac disease are able to enjoy our products.

Trans Fat Free

Q: Is there trans fat in your products?

No. Our products are trans fat free.



Q: Are there any additives in the Antipasto?


Q: Are there any additives in the Gourmet Red Chili?


Q: Are there any additives in the Gourmet Jalapeno?

A small amount of artificial coloring is added to enrich the green color of the jelly. Tartrazine (FD and C Yellow #5) is one of the artifical colors used.


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