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Serving Suggestions

Our Dips, Spreads and Marinades are so easy to use: serve them simply with your favourite cheese and crackers or use them as a condiment with chicken, pork, or seafood. Use them with grilled cheese, curried dishes, meatballs or put them on top of a stir fry. The possibilities are endless!

Impress your family and your guests with our authentic Gourmet Antipasto: it is perfect with crackers as a healthy appetizer or snack.

Check out our recipes tab for other fabulous ideas!

Cheese Plate

Our dips are the perfect complement to almost any type of cheese!

Crab Cakes

Add an explosion of flavour to crab cakes!

Grilled Cheese

For added zing, add some Red Chili to a traditional grilled cheese.


Perfect balance of sweet & spicy enhances grilled prawns & other seafood.

Baked Ham

Baste ham with equal amounts of Red Chili and Dijon mustard.


Experience traditional foods in a new way!


Twist on a Canadian favourite ~ perogies paired with Red Chili Spread!

Chicken Nuggets

A fantastic combination: chicken nuggets and any of our special dips.

Smoked Salmon on Cream Cheese

Our variation on an old classic.

Chicken Fajita

Add a new flavour to fajitas.

Grilled Tuna

Revolutionize tuna melts.

Peanut Butter and Jelly with a Twist

A customer favourite!


Serve our authentic Gourmet Antipasto simply on your favourite crackers.

Chicken Stir-Fry

Try it in or on your next stir-fry to add an exciting burst of flavour

Turkey Sandwich

Roasted turkey, mayonnaise & Pomegranate-Cranberry ....mmmm!

Indonesian-Style Dip

Use our Red or Jalapeno products in this scrumptious recipe!

Turkey Meatballs

For a sensational flavour boost, toss with cooked meatballs!

Baked Mozzarella Sticks

Melted cheese and Red Chili … sensational combination!

Warm Camembert

Your guests love warmed-up camembert topped with Red Chili.

Cream Cheese & Crackers

Savour our products with cream cheese.

Glazed Salmon

Amazing with fish.

Transform Salmon

Serve Red Chili on the side.

Dollop on Ice Cream

Surprising & delicious.